Founded in the 1960s, Guadacorte S. A. carries out its developments exclusively within the municipality of Los Barrios. With a long professional history in the area, it has encouraged the development of a number of projects including urbanization, housing, commercial areas, centres of trade and hotels, be it through self-promotion, cessions of land rights or using turnkey installations for the benefit of large firms.

Guadacorte S.A. has a proud history of investment in our property and our community. We aim to bring confidence and safety to our clients’ enterprises while at the same time looking after the interests of our shareholders and employees.

As with any business, profitability is important, but always within certain limits; limits which mean that we see the investments of our customers as our own investments and therefore act within our customer’s interests, as well as ours. Our success is very much based on a formula in which delivery, professionalism, compliance and guarantee are all important ingredients in our manner of doing business. Ultimately, the sensitivity and connection we share with our customers allows us to accomplish these goals.

Located in the Campo de Gibraltar, home of over 300,000 people, Guadacorte carries out its activities on its own properties, which, given their advantageous location have become the largest concentration of middle-sized enterprises in Andalucía

Throughout the years, Guadacorte has developed a reputation as a good place for large multi-national firms to set up business thanks to its excellent geographical location as well as great transport links to the urban centres and beyond.



Guadacorte S.A. uses a customer-orientated business model ensuring.


Guadacorte, an area that boasts over two centuries of history
Guadacorte was a property that was closely associated with the world of riding and hunting, in which, on numerous occasions, the owners of Guadcorte would meet Gibraltar and the rest of the general area.

The focus point of this activity was the Cortijo de Guadacorte, constructed in 1873. It is currently maintained in perfect condition, containing restaurants, bars and facilities for hosting events.

A reform in management in Los Barrios 50 years ago allowed for the development of a new centre of population, to which a large industrial area has been added in more recent years, resulting in remarkable growth since its birth.

As a result of our first developments being launched over forty years ago, we began contact with larger international promoting companies, aiding us in the sale of our products, adding value to Guadacorte as a brand.

The Palmones Industrial Park was seen as absolutely essential in the economic development of the Campo de Gibraltar. The growth of the port of Algeciras and the establishment of important industries led ultimately to the creation of a nationally important industrial and commercial centre.

Presently, Guadacorte S.A. continues to develop the land it owns by promoting a wide range of business activities.